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BBC Wiltshire’s “Live Lounge” (August, 2018)

“b.e_cooling” (aka Brian) is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. He has performed in front of audiences in Canada, Germany and the UK since the age of 15. From early days as a busker in London and Bristol, b.e_cooling has been requested to play at pubs, restaurants, parties and festivals  (most notably, Glastonbury Festival) and he plays regularly at open mics. He was awarded Best Guitarist prize in the Mid-Somerset Battle of the Bands 2009 and the band, b.e_cooling (with Woody Woodward and Andy Stuart) were in the finals the following year having won their local heat.

b.e_cooling has recorded three (self-released) albums: Getting Warmer (2008), Initial Settings (2012) and Grounded (2017).
His music has appeared on regional, digital and online radio.

His distinctive Canadian wit, honed during a life which stretches from  coffin-maker to school teacher,  provides a singular foundation for an experience of strong melodies and evocative lyrics which have an edge that is not easily forgotten....
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INTERVIEWS ‘on the radio’
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includes ‘live’ performances of:

1) It Don’t Matter
2) Grounded
3) Old Man (Neil Young)

Frome FM
(March 2019)

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Glastonbury FM
(June 2018)

Interview and 4 tracks

includes ‘live’ performances of:

1) Grounded
2) The Green Man Cometh
3) Don’t Give Up

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   Press reviews
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“I don't know which is cause and which effect but b.e_cooling's turn-of-phrase and rich baritone make a great combination.
Thought-provoking Americana from the thoughtful Canadian."

(Ant Butler from Pilton, 22/06/2017)

“hi, just listened to your tune Whisky again and I must tell you that your music is AMAZING!!” (Alison Macondray, 25/09/2016)

Music Unbuttoned online magazine from Shaftesbury, UKWould I watch b.e_cooling again? Most definitely. Would I like to hear more of his originals? Without a doubt! Do I recommend for you to go and check him out? If you like clever lyrics, smokey vocals,
a stylish look, and a very well played guitar.
Then definitely!

[from musicunbuttoned.co.uk, 25th July, 2015]

“I would like to say a very big thank you to Brian aka b.e_cooling for helping to make the evening of Mark' Day (a charity event I held at Marlin Sportscars on 5th sept) such a memorable one. Brian came a long way to open the evening in his discernible style and he was certainly a hard act to follow”.
(Terry Matthews, event organiser, 05/09/2015)

“a mysterious Canadian Singer Songwriter by the name of b.e_cooling, .... straight away “he looked good”.Bluebird_Acoustic_Cafe_-Facebook-
If you closed your eyes it was like having Neil Young in the same room, those smokey vocals and pushed guitar was absolutely breathtaking! .....but the best was yet to come with a self-penned number entitled “It don’t matter”. Loved it...........b.e_cooling  finished the café with “Won’t get fooled again” from The Who ……a difficult song to pull off with just one guitar but he did it with ease and was totally amazing!!

[The Bluebird Acoustic Cafe, Oakhill, Somerset 11/12/2014 ]

Shepton Mallet Journal
Finally, we had an entry right out of left field. B E Cooling ... produced a set of sardonic country blues and folky tunes that got you thinking. Brilliantly played and splendidly presented [Shepton Mallet Journal, 8th October, 2010]

Sounding like a veteran straight from the Sheppey Delta,
B E’s playing was impeccable while his songs were clever, politically charged and fun. [Shepton Mallet Journal, 8th October, 2009]


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