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b.e_cooling is a singer-songwriter.

He plays an original style of “bluesy, alt.folk-rock with a dash of urban country soul” which he has performed in showcase events and festivals over the past 30+ years.

Since the age of 15 he has written more than 90 songs. He has been a Beatles fan since the age of six (George, if you’re wondering) and other strong influences include Bob Dylan,
Pete Townsend, David Bowie, Neil Young & Bob Marley.

He has self-released two albums and a third is on the way.


‘live’ at Glastonbury Festival 2008



Grounded---Album-Art Singles-EP-cover---CT_Skunk

After five years, it’s about time for something new.

b.e_cooling’s newest album “Grounded” (due for release by 1st September, 2017) comprises a collection of older and newer songs. From simple voice and guitar songs like “Who Are You?” to fuller arrangements (eg. “Apple in My Eye”), “Grounded” is full of  “bluesy, alt.folk-rock with a dash of urban country soul”.

The “Conway Tweety” single shows b.e_cooling’s more whimsical and satirical side.

Soon to be available on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, Deezer, etc.

“This was recorded at The Horseshoe in Shepton Mallet. Doug got out the special mics that evening which made a great difference.

The song harks back to a tougher time which I wanted to get out of. Sonically, it’s got a catchy uptempo bluesy/rockabilly feel. Think along the lines of The Clash or John Lennon”.

“Looking a bit spooked here at times, but this is one of my favourite songs. It’s a reflection on life so far from Canada to the UK and everyhting in between.

A rich bluesy-folk-soul feel permeates and is reminiscent of Johnny Cash. I used to watch his variety programme on TV when I was a teenager”.

Who Are You? (from Grounded 2017)
filmed on my brother’s farm in Ontario, Canada (October 2016)

“Initial Settings” (2012)(click on the album cover to buy)

Initail Settings (2012) - (Album art copyright B. Stuart   2012)

Knock at the Door [unreleased]
[‘live’ 2014]

The Green Man Cometh ep  (Album art copyright B. Stuart   2009)

Debut EP: The Green Man Cometh”

GLASTONBURYFestival 2008

The Green Man Cometh [original]
(Woody Woodward on cajon)

In the studio with Woody recording "You Know"

Recording ‘You Know’ at Fool’s Folly Studio, 2009
with Woody Woodward (producer)

Don’t Give Up [unreleased] 2014

“A personal song like many that I do. I must have been listening to a lot of Bob Dylan at the time but then he’s always been a strong influence. I wanted something light and simple that captured the essence of two people trying to get to know each other away from all the clutter”.

“What a treat! I’d been attending a regular open mic in Bruton and was invited to played  the Avalon Cafe Stage. For my last song I was joined by Woody Woodward (on cajon) having only heard the song once a few weeks prior. Woody and I went on to record and perform together over the next 4 years and he produced “Initial Settings”.
After this gig we made our way over to the Rabbit Hole for a slot there. A day to remember”.

‘official’ b.e_cooling videos

Knock at the Door

The Green Man Cometh
(from “Initial Settings”)

It Don’t Matter
(from “Initial Settings”)

Apple in my Eye (original mix)
(from “Grounded”)

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